You can add or modify this wiki about LiveCode.

If you don't find your argument in the table of content, add it.

For example, here is a list of missing arguments that you can write:

The maximum headers start from level 2.

Code can be written this way:

put 2 into myVar

You may add images using center word (you have to change it on source version of the page), it's very useful with example images; it avoid strange formatting problems.

For example,


will produce this:


Notice that wiki links are case sensitive, so if a page already exists with some letters that are not lower or upper as you like, just use a redirect. A redirect in wikia is a page with this code:

#redirect [[Page title]]

In normal paragraphs use bold for reserved words and italic for variables, like: go to mycard.

Please also add categories to the pages, here is a list of pages without categories: Special:UncategorizedPages.

More changes you'll do, more achievements you'll learn, see

Here you'll find the most wanted missing pages: Special:WantedPages . Please create these pages.

You may discuss with us using our forum: use it with the button add new topic

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