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Specifies the vertical scroll of a field, group, or stack. Syntax:

get the scroll of <stack>


set the vScroll of group "Thumbnails" to 20

Use the vScroll property to scroll a field or group, or to check how far it's been scrolled.

By default, the vScroll property of newly created objects is set to zero.

For stacks, the vScroll property is read-only and cannot be set.

The vScroll is the amount in pixels the object has been scrolled down. If the vScroll is zero, the object has not been scrolled.

Setting the vScroll of a field or group causes a scrollbarDrag message to be sent to the field or group.

On Mac OS and OS X systems, the menu bar appears at the top of the screen, rather than inside the stack window. If a stack's editMenus property is set to false and the stack contains a menu bar, the window is scrolled down and resized so that the menu bar group is not visible in the window. Because of this, on Mac OS and OS X systems, the vScroll of a stack reports the amount the stack has been scrolled down to hide a menu bar group.

See also: scrollbarDrag (message), stack (object), pixels (property), scrollbarWidth (property), editMenus (property), HScroll