Specifies whether a field's tab stops are treated as cell boundaries.Syntax:

set the vGrid [of line <lineNumber>] of <field> to {true | false}


set the vGrid of the templateField to true
set the vGrid of line 10 to -1 of field 1 to true

Use the vGrid property to make a field behave like a spreadsheet with a grid of cells.

If the vGrid property is true, LiveCode draws a vertical line at each tab stop position in the field(keyword). The lines are drawn in the field's borderColor. This property is useful for fields that are used like a spreadsheet, with each [[tab stop]] marking a column.

Any text in a column is truncated when it reaches the right edge of the column. To show the entire contents of the column, drag over the text to select it. If text at the end of a line does not have a tab following it--that is, if it's the last column in the field--it is not truncated.

If the field's tabStops property is set to empty, the vGrid lines are drawn every 32 pixels, but the text is not truncated to individual cells.

Changes: The use of the borderColor to draw grid lines was introduced in version 2.0. In previous versions, the grid lines were drawn in the hiliteColor.

See also: field (object),leftIndent (property),borderWidth (property),textAlign (property),dontWrap (property),formattedText (property),spaceAbove (property),backgroundColor (property),hiliteColor (property),listBehavior (property),listIndent (property),hidden (property),textSize (property),firstIndent (property),listStyle (property),spaceBelow (property),tabStops (property),rightIndent (property),listDepth (property),hgrid (property),pixels (property),hScrollbar (property),borderColor (property),formattedWidth (property),

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