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Back in May 2019 I was looking around for a programming language. Ever since I retired, I been busy with genealogy and other such stuff. Got to keep the brain working. Now I was wanting to get back into programming for the fun of it, as just a hobbyist,

I remembered a graphical language called Prograph CPX. I had loved using that language. Reluctantly gave up on it when it was abandoned. Then found out it was revived as Martin, but it seems to be abandoned again. At least I couldn't get the program to even open on my computer. So I kept looking. Found a language called Swift, by Apple. It sounded good, but I couldn't get the playground to work to even try it out. So I kept looking.

Somehow I ran into the LiveCode language. I remembered more than 25 years ago programming in its ancestor HyperCard. So I decided to give it a try. It was easy to understand and the price was right - free. Learned how to program again while I created a program. Now more than a year later, I have several programs under my belt. This LiveCode Wiki helped me out a few times when I really needed it. So I am adding to the wiki and doing what I can do to make it better. I am wanting to give back to the LiveCode community.

When I first accessed this LiveCode Wiki, I was amazed at what it covered. I still am amazed. I give MaxV2 a lot of credit for putting this together. I could never have done what he accomplish. I have added very few articles myself. Mostly I have expanded his articles by adding more explanation and examples. I try to keep in mind what I would have wanted to know when I was just starting out.

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