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Specifies the Unix access permissions of files and folders created by the application.Syntax:

set the umask to <permissionsString>


set the convertOctals to true
set the umask to 0077

Use the umask command to set the access permissions for

   files and folders created by LiveCode.

The umask is a positive integer, or empty.

By default, the umask is set to the user's Unix "umask" setting.

The umask blocks specific permissions from being granted for newly created files and folders. It affects files created with the [[open file]] command, folders created with the create folder command, and files and folders created on the local system with the URL keyword.

The umask is most easily represented in octal. Each digit of the octal representation of the umask specifies a set of permissions: ul li Read permission (4) lets a user read or copy the file or folder./li li Write permission (2) lets a user change the contents of the file or folder./li li Execute permission (1) lets a user run the file (if it is a program file), or work with files in the folder./li /ul

Each digit is the sum of the permission values that are to be blocked. For example, to specify that read and execute permission should both be blocked, use the octal digit 4 + 1 = 5.

The first octal digit of the umask specifies the permissions to be blocked for the owner of the file or folder; the second digit specifies the permissions to be blocked for members of the group that owns the file or folder; and the third digit specifies permissions to be blocked for all other users. For example, if the umask is 0022 when LiveCode creates a file, the file owner has all the normal permissions, but the group and all other users do not have write permission (even if LiveCode would normally create the file so as to give them write permission).

On Mac OS Classic and Windows systems, the umask property has no effect and always reports zero.

  • Tip:* You will almost always want to set the convertOctals to true

before setting the umask. If you don't, the value you provide will be interpreted as decimal rather than octal.

  • Tip:* For more information on the Unix "umask", consult your

platform's documentation (e.g. man 2 umask).

  • Tip:* The value of umask will be inherited by all

processes created by LiveCode. This includes processes created using and shell.

See also: shell (function),files (function),folders (function),convertOctals (property),