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tsNet is a library in the commercial version of livecode that permits you:

with Indy license

  • Upload and download more than one file simultaneously via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP (asynchronous, non-blocking)
  • Upload and download one file at a time via SFTP, SMTP, SMTPS, SMTP/TLS (blocking)
  • Send an e-mail via any SMTP or SMTPS server using a single function call
  • Use SFTP authentication by username/password
  • SMTP(S/TLS) / SFTP downloads and uploads via a variable, using available system memory
  • All operations support callbacks, giving you vital information when your action is complete
  • Send custom commands separately to your server via FTP and SFTP eg to create directories, remove files or change permissions.

with Business license

  • all Indy feature
  • Non-blocking, asynchronous operations on SFTP, SMTP, SMTPS and SMTP/TLS
  • SFTP authentication via public key authentication giving the best possible security
  • SMTP(S/TLS) / SFTP downloads and uploads can either be via file or via variable – you are not limited by the memory available to your variable
  • Ability to generate public / private key pairs suitable for use with SFTP – no need for an external application to create these
  • Ability to send additional raw commands along with FTP and SFTP transfers to be executed before or after the transfer completes


Here a list of tsNet command, messages and functions:

(please help us to fill this list)