Specifies whether selected lines in a list field look like they're receding into the screen.Syntax:

set the threeDHilite of <field> to {true | false}


set the threeDHilite of field "Options" to false
set the threeDHilite of the templateField to true

Use the threeDHilite property to control the appearance of [[list field|list fields]].

If the threeDHilite property is true, selected lines in a list field are drawn with a three-D box around them. (The box is drawn using the field's effective topColor and bottomColor properties.) If the threeDHilite is false, the selected lines are simply highlighted.

If the field's listBehavior property is set to false, this property has no effect.

See also: field (object),threeD (property),selected (property),topPattern (property),bottomColor (property),listBehavior (property),noncontiguousHilites (property),bottomPattern (property),toggleHilites (property),hilitedLine (property),

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