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Specifies whether an object(glossary) appears to stick out of or recede into the screen.Syntax:

set the threeD of <object> to {true | false}


set the threeD of last button to true

Use the threeD property to determine whether an object(glossary) appears flat or three-dimensional.

If the threeD of an object(glossary) is true, the object(glossary) appears to stick up out of the screen (if it is a button) or be pressed a few pixels below the level of the screen. If the threeD is false, the object(glossary) appears flat.

The borders of objects whose threeD is true are drawn with the topColor and bottomC to simulate depth. The borders of objects whose threeD is false are drawn with the borderColor.

If the object's borderWidth property is zero, or its showBorder is false, the threeD property has no effect.

You can set the threeD property of a stack, but the property has no effect.

See also: stack (object),pixels (property),showBorder (property),shadow (property),style (property),topColor (property),borderPattern (property),hiliteBorder (property),threeDHilite (property),borderColor (property),