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Specifies the point size of text displayed by an object.


set the textSize of [<chunk> of] <field> to <pointSize>


set the textSize of card "Intro" to 24
set the textSize of word 1 of field ID 3 to 9

Use the textSize property to change the appearance of text.

Setting the textSize of an object to empty allows the textSize of the object's owner to show through. Use the effective keyword to find out what size is used for the object, even if its own textSize is empty.

The textSize of an object defines the height of the text and is specified in points. The engine ensures that this is equivalent to pixels, for example, if you set the textSize of a field to 8 points, then the engine outputs text that is 8 pixels high on all platforms. The height of the text is measured from the bottom of the lowest reaching character to the top of the highest reaching character.

The textHeight of an object is like the line spacing, it is the amout of space between the lines, not the height of the actual text.

See also: textAlign (property), textHeight (property), owner (property), HTMLText (property), fixedLineHeight (property), printTextSize (property),