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Specifies how text is aligned or justified in a field or button.Syntax:

set the textAlign [of <line>] of {<button> | <field>} to {left | center | right}


set the textAlign of field "myField" to center
set the textAlign of line 1 of field "myField" to right

Use the textAlign property to change the alignment of individual lines of text in a field, the whole field or buttons.

By default, the textAlign of newly created fields and buttons is "left".

See also: button (object),borderWidth (property),vgrid (property),acceleratorText (property),dontWrap (property),formattedText (property),spaceAbove (property),backgroundColor (property),margins (property),listBehavior (property),hidden (property),textSize (property),firstIndent (property),tabstops (property),spaceBelow (property),listStyle (property),rightIndent (property),listDepth (property),hgrid (property),printTextAlign (property),hScrollbar (property),borderColor (property),formattedWidth (property),