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Stacks and cards structure

Specifies which stacks are associated with a main stack, and saved in the same file.


set the substacks of <stack> to <substacksList>


put the substacks of this stack after loadedStacks
if the substacks of stack "Hello" contains "Goodbye" then exit mouseUp
get the substacks of stack "/Disk/Folder/stackfile.rev"

Use the substacks property to organize stacks in files.

Each LiveCode file contains either a single main stack, or a main stack and one or more substacks. The substacks property reports on the substacks of a main stack.

The substacks of a substack is empty. Attempting to set the substacks property of a substack causes an execution error.

Setting the substacks of a main stack to empty removes all the substacks from memory. The next time the main stack is saved, the substacks are removed permanently.

Warning: You can move a substack from one main stack to another by setting the substacks property of the destination stack. However, since this may cause a conflict if more than one substack with the same name is open or in memory, it is safer to move a substack by setting the substack's mainStack property.

See also: mainStacks (function),stack (object),substacks (property),mainStack (property),