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A Message sent to the first stack opened when the application starts up. If there is a message handler by the same name in the message path, then it will be executed.



startup <mode>

If you are developing your application to work from a U3 compliant drive, you can use the mode to respond to U3 actions. The <mode> parameter is one of

  • u3install : sent when the u3p file is being installed onto the U3 drive
  • u3configure : sent when the application is first run from a U3 drive
  • u3launch : sent when the application is started from a U3 drive (after installation and configuration)
  • u3cleanup : sent when the LaunchPad requests the application cleans up
  • u3uninstall : sent when the application is being removed from the U3 drive.

The startup message is sent only when the application starts up, not when a stack is opened when the application is already running.

If the application is opened with multiple stacks, the startup message is sent to the first stack opened.

You will only get the U3 actions u3install, u3configure, u3cleanup and u3uninstall if the corresponding tick boxes have been checked in the advanced U3 settings of the Standalone Settings.

Message handler[]


on startup pMode
global gRunningFromU3Drive
switch pMode
 case "u3launch"
 put true into gRunningFromU3Drive
 case empty
 put false into gRunningFromU3Drive
end switch
end startup

Use the startup Message handler to do initialization or other tasks when the application starts up.

See also: openBackground, u3eject, relaunch & stack.