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Places a stack into the message path.

Built-in Message handler[]


start using <stack>


start using stack "mylibrary"

Use the start using command to use a stack's script as a library for frequently-used handlers.

The start using command places a stack's script into the message path after the current stack and before any objects in the backScripts.

When you start using a stack, the libraryStack message is sent to the stack.

When a standalone application is running, it can insert up to fifty stacks into the stacksInUse. This limit is set by line 3 of the scriptLimits function. When using the development environment, you can insert any number of stacks into the message path.


  • stack: Any stack reference.

See also: scriptLimits (function), backScripts (function), stacks (function), library (library), releaseStack (message), libraryStack (message), stack (object), script (property), stacksInUse (property),