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Specifies a list of files and folders which are searched for SSL certificates to authenticate secure socket connections.Syntax:

get the sslCertificates


set the sslCertificates to "/Users/guest/Certificates"

Use the sslCertificates to determine the SSL certificate that secure sockets should use to authenticate.

When a secure socket connection needs to authenticate it will look through the sslCertificates line by line. If a line is a path to a folder, each file in that folder will be searched for SSL certificates. If a line is a file, that file will be searched for SSL certificates.

If you specify relative paths in the sslCertificates property they will be interpreted relative to the defaultFolder at the time a certificate is searched for.

The sslCertificates property is part of the SSL & Encryption library. To ensure that the property works in a standalone application, you must include this custom library when you create your standalone. In the Inclusions pane of the Standalone Application Settings window, make sure the "SSL & Encryption" library checkbox is checked.

This uses the standard root certificate keychain on Mac, the standard root certificate store on Windows and uses a number of heuristics to locate this information on Linux.

You can easily find out if the system-installed root certificates are being found by running the following command in the message box:

   get url ""

If this results in an error about verification failure then it is likely that root certificates have not been found. Please let us know (particularly on Linux) if you find this simple test fails, making sure you give us full details of your system (e.g. Linux distribution and version).

Unfortunately this feature does not currently work correctly on Mac 10.6.x. For now, we advise including an appropriate root certificates collection with your application, as was previously necessary, and setting the sslCertificates property appropriately.

Changes: Before version 4.5 it was necessary to set the sslCertificates property to the root certificates that HTTPS connections should be verified against. Support has now been added to locate and load the root certificates installed (and kept up to date) as part of the OS.