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Displays a border around the active control.Syntax:

set the showFocusBorder of <control> to {true | false}


set the showFocusBorder of field "Answer" to false
set the showFocusBorder of myControl to (the platform is not "MacOS")

Use the showFocusBorder property to turn off the standard (for Unix systems) focus border around the active control, or to show which field(keyword) has the insertion point in a dialog box.

The appearance of the focus border is set by the focusColor and focusPattern properties.

If the lookAndFeel property is set to "Macintosh" or "Appearance Manager", the setting of the showFocusBorder property affects only fields, images, and EPS objects. (To comply with user interface guidelines, this property should be set to true for fields in modal and modeless [[dialog box|dialog boxes]].)

If the lookAndFeel is set to "Motif", the showFocusBorder property affects all controls.

If the lookAndFeel is set to "Windows 95", the showFocusBorder property has no effect.

The focusBorder of cards and stacks has no effect.

See also: stacks (function),card (object),image (object),field (object),control (object),focusPattern (property),properties (property),

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