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Specifies whether an outline is drawn around an object(glossary).Syntax:

set the showBorder of <object> to {true | false}


set the showborder of group "Status" to true

Use the showBorder property to draw an outline around an object(glossary), or to make the object(glossary) borderless.

The appearance of the border depends on the object's threeD and borderWidth properties, and on the object type.

If the object's threeD property is set to false, the border is drawn using the borderColor property (or the borderPattern property, if it is not empty). If the object's threeD is true, the raised edges are drawn using the topColor or topPattern property, and the sunken edges are drawn using the bottomColor or bottomPattern.

If the object's showBorder property is set to false, and its backgroundColor is empty, its interior is drawn with the backgroundColor or backgroundPattern of its owner.

The borders of controls and groups follow the object's rectangle property. The border of a card is an outline just inside the boundary of the stack window. You can set the showBorder of a stack, but the setting has no effect.

See also: stack (object),bottomColor (property),borderPattern (property),bottomPattern (property),properties (property),showHilite (property),topPattern (property),backgroundPattern (property),borderWidth (property),printCardBorders (property),backgroundColor (property),owner (property),topColor (property),borderColor (property),