Makes an object visible.


show <object> [with visual [effect] <effectName> [<speed>] [to <finalImage>]]


show stack "project1"
show image "picture" with visual effect barn door open

Use the show command to show invisible objects.

Showing an object sets its visible property to true. You can also set the showInvisibles property to true to override the visible property and show all objects.

You can show a card without causing a script error, but doing so has no effect.

Showing a group shows all the controls in the group whose visible property is true.


  • object: Any open stack, or any control in an open stack.
  • effectName: The effectName, speed, and finalImage are described in the visual effect command. These three parameters operate the same way as they do with the visual effect command.
  • speed:
  • finalImage:
  • Description:Use the show command to show invisible objects.

See also: show groups (command),show cards (command),show taskbar (command),showPict (property),toolTip (property),imageSource (property),showInvisibles (property),visible (property),