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Specifies the size and direction of an object's drop shadow.Syntax:

set the shadowOffset of <object> to <pixels>


set the shadowOffset of button "Prospects" to 2
set the shadowOffset of field "Help" to -6

Use the shadowOffset property to change the appearance of drop shadows.

Because this also changes the position of the imaginary light source that casts the shadow, the shadowOffset of all objects on a card should usually be the same.

The shadowOffset specifies how far the shadow extends from the edge of the object(glossary). If the shadowOffset is positive, the imaginary light source is at the upper left corner of the screen, so the drop shadow falls below and to the right of the object(glossary). If the shadowOffset is negative, the direction of the light source is reversed, and the drop shadow falls above and to the left of the object(glossary).

If the object's shadow property is false, the shadowOffset has no effect.

See also: shadow (property),