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Specifies the width of the scrollbar associated with a scrolling field or group.Syntax:

set the scrollbarWidth of {<field> | <group>} to <pixels>


set the scrollbarWidth of the last field to 20

Use the scrollbarWidth property to specify how much of a scrolling field's or group's width is taken up by the vertical scrollbar.

Setting a field's or group's vScrollbar or hScrollbar property to true changes its scrollbarWidth to 16 on Mac OS systems, and to 20 on Unix and Windows systems.

If a field's vScrollbar is false and its style is not scrolling, its scrollbarWidth property has no effect. If a group's vScrollbar is false, its scrollbarWidth has no effect.

On Mac OS systems with the native theme enabled, scrollbars can only be rendered at certain widths and will be padded to with the background color to achieve the chosen width.

See also: field (object),hScrollbar (property),style (property),vScroll (property),width (property),vScrollbar (property),