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Specifies one of the transfer modes that can be used with the ink property.Syntax:



set the inkMode of graphic "Inversion" to reverse

Use the reverse keyword to invert the color under an object(glossary).

The ink property determines how an object's colors combine with the colors of the pixels underneath the object(glossary) to determine how the object's color is displayed. When the reverse mode is used, each component of the color underneath the object(glossary) --red, green, and blue--is inverted, and the inverse is used for the displayed color.

If the color is expressed as three integers between zero and 255--one for each of red, green, and blue--then the inverse of each component is equal to 255 minus the component's value. The color of the object itself does not affect the final color.

For example, suppose an object's color is 90,70,250, and the color of a pixel under the object is 60,250,100. If the reverse mode is used, the pixel's displayed color is 195,5,155a/. (255 minus 60 is 195, 255 minus 250 is 5, and 255 minus 100 is 155.)

See also: ink (property),pixels (property),