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A Message sent to the active object when there is no text selection and the user presses the Return key. If there is a message handler by the same name in the message path, then it will be executed.




The Return key (confusingly labeled "Enter" on some keyboards) is usually located above the right-hand Shift key. It is the key you press to go to a new line.

The message is sent to the active (focused) control, or to the current card if no control is focused. If there is a text selection or insertion point in a field (or a button whose menuMode is "comboBox" ) and the user presses Return, the returnInField message is sent instead of returnKey.

Message handler[]


on returnKey -- go to the next card when the user presses return
  go next card
end returnKey

Use the returnKey Message handler to perform an action when the user presses Return.

See also: returnInField.