Returns the specified template object to its default settings.


reset [the] template{<objectType>}


reset the templateGraphic
reset the templateStack

Use the reset command to change a template object(glossary) back to its defaults after you have changed it temporarily.

Change the properties of template objects temporarily to easily create a number of objects of that type with the property settings you want.

The LiveCode development environment makes changes to template objects when it creates new objects. This means that objects you create in the development environment may not have the same property settings as objects you create in a standalone application.


  • objectType: One of LiveCode's objects: stack, group, card, field, button, graphic,image, scrollbar, player, audioClip, videoClip, or EPS.

See also: Templatestack , Templategroup, Templatecard, TemplateField, Templatebutton, Templategraphic, TemplateImage, Templatescrollbar, Templateplayer, Templateaudioclip, Templatevideoclip, TemplateEPS