The Property Inspector window permits you to modify all properties of an object.

Property Inspector

The content of window depends on the object selected. You can edit properties of stack, button, image and every item on a stack.

On the top of the window you find a option menu that contain usually the follwong voices:

  • basic properties
  • icons & border
  • colors & patterns
  • custom properties
  • geometry
  • graphic effects
  • blending
  • property profiles
  • size & position
  • text formatting

If you select more than an object at the same time a new voice will appair: align objects

Selecting more than an object you can modify the same property on multiple items at the same time.

At the top right of the window there are two buttons: a lock and an arrow.

The lock the palet on the current object, even if you select another object.

The arrow is a navigator, it permits to select another item of your script.

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