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Sent to a card when you go to the card.




on preOpenCard -- highlight the "go to this card" button in a set
  set the hilitedButton of group "Cards" to the number of this card
  pass preOpenCard
end preOpenCard

Handle the preOpenCard message to update a card's appearance before the card appears on screen.

The preOpenCard message is sent before the openCard message. Unlike openCard, preOpenCard handlers are executed before the card appears. Because of this, the preOpenCard handler is a good place to put code that adjusts the size, position, and appearance of objects; the changes are made before the card appears.

The PreOpenCard message is activated before the OpenStack messagge.

The actual navigation is not triggered by the preOpenCard message, so trapping the message and not allowing it to pass does not prevent the card from opening.

See also: openCard (message), preOpenBackground (message), closeCard (message), preOpenStack (message), card (object), OpenStack, PreOpenStack