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Built-in Message handler[]


popup widget <kind> [at <location>] [with <properties>]


popup widget "com.livecode.widget.iconpicker" at the mouseloc
local sColor = "1,1,0.5"
on mouseDown theButton
   -- pop up the colorpicker on right-click or control-click
   if theButton is 3 then
      local tProps
      put "0,0,120,50" into tProps["rect"]
      put sColor into tProps["initialColor"]
      popup widget "com.example.mycolorpicker" with properties tProps
      if the result is not "Cancel" then
         put it into sColor
      end if
      pass mouseDown
   end if
end mouseDown

Use to display a widget within a popup window, for example as a tooltip or picker dialog.

The popup appears with its top left corner at the location. If no location is specified, the popup's top left corner is at the mouse location. While the popup widget is displayed, the handler pauses.


  • kind: The unique identifier of the widget to use for the popup. location: A point or expression that evaluates to a point. Two integers separated by a An expression that evaluates to an array. For each key of the array, the popup widget will be initialized by setting that property to the value for that key.
  • The result: If the user dismisses the popup, the it variable is set to empty, and the result function returns "Cancel".
  • It: The popup widget command places the widget return value in the it variable.