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Returns the name of the operating system LiveCode is running on.

Built-in Function handler[]




the platform
if the platform is "MacOS" then set the activatePalettes to true

Use the platform function to change a stack's behavior or appearance depending on the operating system.

The platform function is compiled into each version of the LiveCode engine. This means that, for example, if you're developing on a [[Mac OS|Mac OS system]] and you build a standalone application for Linux, when you run the standalone application on a Linux system, the platform function returns "Linux".

The possible values returned by the platform function are:

  • "Win32" on any version of Windows
  • "Linux" on all Linux distributions
  • "MacOS" on any version of Mac OS X
  • "iphone" on iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices
  • "android" on smartphones, tablets and other Android devices
  • "HTML5" when running in a web browser

Changes: Support for HTML5 was added in version 8.0.0.

See also: buildNumber (function),deleteRegistry (function),processor (function),MCISendString (function),stack (object),