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Returns the IP address of the remote system at the other end of a socket.




the peerAddress of "|primaryConnection"
the peerAddress of mySocket

Use the peerAddress function to find the Internet address of the computer a socket is connected to.

The socket must be open. If the specified socket has not been opened, the peerAddress function returns "not an open socket". If you have issued an open socket command to create the socket, you cannot use the peerAddress function until after the socket has been created and the command has completed.

The connectionID is needed only if more than one socket is connected to the same port of the same host. The connectionID is assigned by the accept or open socket command that created the socket.


  • host: An IP address or domain name.
  • port: The port number of the port the socket is connected to.
  • connectionID (string): A string identifying the socket.
  • Returns: The peerAddress function returns the IP address of the computer. This address is in the form X.X.X.X, where each X is a number with between 1 and 3 digits.

See also: hostAddress, hostAddressToName, DNSServers