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Specifies that a looping animated GIF plays forward and backward.Syntax:

set the palindromeFrames of <image> to {true | false}


set the palindromeFrames of image "Construction" to true

Use the palindromeFrames property to change the way an [[animated GIF]] image repeats itself.

An animated GIF image can be set to loop over and over, instead of playing the animation once and then stopping. If the palindromeFrames property is set to true, the image plays forward, then plays backward from the end, then plays forward again, and so on.

If the palindromeFrames is false, the image plays from the beginning to the end, then skips back to the beginning to start the next loop.

If the contents of the image is not an animated GIF, or the image's repeatCount is zero, the setting of the palindromeFrames property has no effect.

See also: image (object),currentFrame (property),