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Reports which object is next in the object hierarchy.


get the [{ long | abbr[ev[iated]] | short }] owner of <object>


if the owner of me is not the name of card 1 then go to previous card

Use the owner property to find out which object another object belongs to in the object hierarchy.

If the owner's name is empty, the ID is reported instead of the name.

The long, abbreviated, and short owner formats are described in detail in the entries for the name and ID properties. If you don't specify a format, the abbreviated owner is reported.

The owner of a main stack is empty.

The owner of a substack is its main stack.

The owner of a card is the stack it resides in.

The owner of a grouped control is its group.

The owner of a card is the card it resides on.

The owner of an audio clip or video clip is the stack it resides in.

Changes: The ability to specify the long owner, short owner, and abbreviated owner forms was introduced in version 2.0. In previous versions, the abbreviated owner form was always used.

See also: stack (object), properties (property), ID (property), name (property),