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Specifies an object's position within a file, a card's position within a stack, or a control's layer on a card(keyword).

Built-in Function handler[]


get the number of <object>


set the number of this card to 1
if the number of this card is 1 then go last card
put the number of the last button into numberOfButtons

Use the number property to find out what layer a card(keyword) is on, to find or change a card's position, or to refer to an object(glossary).

The number of a control(keyword) is its layer on the card(keyword). Lower numbers are further back; higher numbers are farther forward. If you create several controls and don't change their layer order, the first control(keyword) you created has the number 1 and the rest of the controls are numbered in the order of creation.

The number of a card(keyword) specifies its position in the stack. When you open a stack without specifying a card(keyword), the card(keyword) whose number is one appears first. Setting the number of a card(keyword) moves it to the specified position in the stack. (Cards are the only objects whose number property can be set. )

The number of a main stack is always zero. The number of a substack is its creation order in the file, from 1 to the number of substacks.

You can refer to any object by specifying its number.

See also: nameChanged (message),control (object),stack (object),card (object),substacks (property),layer (property),