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Specifies one of the transfer modes that can be used with the ink property.


set the ink of field "Alerts" to noOp

Use the noOp keyword to make an object transparent.

The ink property determines how an object's colors combine with the colors of the pixels underneath the object to determine how the object's color is displayed.

When the noOp transfer mode is used, the object's background and border are not drawn and seem to disappear, letting objects behind it show through. (Text is still drawn.)

Tip: Graphics whose ink is set to noOp are transparent, but (unlike Graphics whose opaque property is set to false) they still intercept mouse clicks within the graphic's outline. To create an invisible hot spot with a non-rectangular shape, use a curve or polygon graphic and set its ink property to noOp. A list of all transfer modes can be found in the transfer mode glossary page for easy reference.

See also: polygon, opaque, notSrcCopy, curve, graphic, ink, pixels, graphic,