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Sent to the current card when the application receives data from an NFC tag read by the device.


nfcTagReceived ncfTag

The NFC tag data is received formatted as an array with the following entries:

  • "id" : the hardware ID of the tag, as assigned by the manufacturer
  • "ndef" : the Ndef-formatted message if present on the tag. This is presented in the form of a numerically-indexed array of Ndef records, each of which is an array with the the following entries:
    • "id": The Ndef message ID as binary data.
    • "tnf": The Ndef message type-name field as an integer.
    • "type": The Ndef message type as binary data.
    • "payload": The Ndef message payload as binary data.


on nfcTagReceived pTag
  handleNewTagID pTag["id"]
  if pTag["ndef"] is an array then
     // handle first Ndef record on tag
     handleNdefData pTag["ndef"][1]
  end if
end nfcTagReceived

When an NFC tag is read by the device, information about that tag will be dispatched to apps which are configured to handle that tag data. The nfcTagReceived handler will be called whenever NFC tag data is dispatched to your app, and can then be used to obtain the tag information.

The mobileEnableNFCDispatch command can be used to ensure NFC tag data is sent to your app while it is running in the foreground.

If your application no longer needs to intercept NFC tag data then call mobileDisableNFCDispatch to allow tag data to be dispatched to other apps once more.

See also: mobileIsNFCAvailable, mobileIsNFCEnabled, mobileEnableNFCDispatch, mobileDisableNFCDispatch, nfcTagReceived