Allows the user to read contact information from the contacts list.Syntax:

mobileGetContactData <contactId>


put mobileGetContactData (21) into tContactData
put mobileGetContactData (field "InputData ID") into tResultData

Allows the user to extract contact data information from the contact list, based on a contact ID. The information returned is stored in a nested array repressentation with the following format:

Use the mobileGetContactData function to read contact data from the contact list.


  • contactId: name/ Person Information - The personal information of the contact is stored at the top level of the array and has the following keys:-
    • "firstname": The first name.
    • "middlename": The middle name.
    • "lastname": The last name.
    • "alternatename": The alternative name.
    • "nickname": The nick name (iOS only).
    • "firstnamephonetic": The phonetic transcription of the first name.
    • "middlenamephonetic": The phonetic transcription of the middle name.
    • "lastnamephonetic": The phonetic transcription of the last name.
    • "prefix": The name prefix.
    • "suffix": The name suffix.
    • "organization": The name of the organization.
    • "jobtitle": The job title (iOS only).
    • "department": The name of the department (iOS only).
    • "message": A person message (iOS only).- "note": A person note.
  • The result: A nested array of data entries for the specified user ID.If no contact could be found, then no array is returned.Use a test like: "if the result is an array" to determine if contactinformation was returned. "if the result is empty" will always be empty,even if data is returned in an array.

See also: mobilePickMedia (command),mobilePickContact (command),mobileShowContact (command),mobilePick (command),mobileAddContact (command),mobileFindContact (command),mobileCreateContact (command),

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