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Creates a native iOS or Android control.


mobileControlCreate <controlType> [, <controlName> ]


mobileControlCreate "browser"
mobileControlCreate "scroller", "myFirstScroller"
put "input" into tControlType
mobileControlCreate tControlType, "myFirstInputField"
mobileControlCreate "player", "myFirstPlayer"
mobileControlSet "myFirstPlayer", "visible", true
mobileControlSet "myFirstPlayer", "rect", "50,50,500,500"
mobileControlSet "myFirstPlayer", "filename", specialFolderPath("engine") \
      & "/movie.mp4"
mobileControlDo "myFirstPlayer", "play"
mobileControlCreate "multiline", "myMultiLineTextInput"

Low-level support has been added for creating and manipulating some native mobile controls (views) on iOS and Android.

Native mobile iOS and Android controllers can only be created dynamically in script.

To destroy a native control use: mobileControlDelete To configure a native control use: mobileControlSet To read a property of a native control use: mobileControlGet To control the behavior of a native control use: mobileControlDo


  • controlType (enum): The type of control to create.
  • - browser: Native iOS or Android web browser control - scroller: Native iOS or Android scroller control- player: Native iOS or Android player control- input: Native iOS or Android text input control- multiline: Native iOS or Android multi-line text control
  • controlName:Optional string to use to identify the control.The controlName must be unique amongst all existing controls and cannot be an integer.
  • The result: The unique (numeric) id for the new control is returned inthe result.

See also: mobileControlSet (command),mobileControlGet (command),mobileControlGet (function),mobileControlTarget (function),the result (function),mobileControls (function),