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Returns the XHTML translation of the markdown document.


mergMarkdownToXHTML(pMarkdown, [pNoIntraEmphasis, pTable, pFencedCode, pAutoLink, pStrikethrough, pSpaceHeaders, pSuperscript, pLaxSpacing])
  • pMarkdown: The markdown text to translate.
  • pNoIntraEmphasis: (boolean) Don't add emphasis if there is no space on either side of the underscores. If true " _this_ " will be emphasized but "is_this_" won't be.
  • pTable: (boolean) Support tables.
  • pFencedCode: (boolean) Support fenced code.
  • pAutoLink: (boolean) Auto link urls in the text
  • pStrikethrough: (boolean) Use a double tilde (~) either side of a word to indicate strikethrough
  • pSpaceHeaders: (boolean) If true forces a space after the "#" for headers
  • pSuperscript: (boolean) If true use "^" to indicate the start of a superscript word
  • pLaxSpacing: (boolean) If true allows lax spacing. For example it will allow no space between a paragraph and a list.


put mergMarkdownToXHTML(theMarkdownText,,true) into theHTML

This source:

An h1 header

Paragraphs are separated by a blank line.

2nd paragraph. *Italic*, **bold**, and `monospace`. Itemized lists
look like:

 * this one
 * that one
 * the other one


<h1>An h1 header</h1>
 <p>Paragraphs are separated by a blank line.</p>
 <p>2nd paragraph. <em>Italic</em>, <strong>bold</strong>, and <code>monospace</code>. Itemized lists
 look like:</p>
 <li>this one</li>
 <li>that one</li>
 <li>the other one</li>