Returns a 128- bit value based on a string.




set the savedPrint of field 1 to the md5Digest of field 1
if the savedPrint of field 1 is not the md5Digest of field 1 then beep

Use the md5Digest function to create a fingerprint of the dataString which can be checked later to ensure that the string has not changed.

The value returned for one dataString is mathematically unlikely to be identical to the value returned for an altered version of the dataString. Therefore, you can check the md5Digest of a string against a saved md5Digest to determine whether the string has changed since you saved the value.

For technical information about the MD5 digest algorithm, see


  • dataString (string):
  • Returns:The md5Digest function returns a 128 bit value. (If you view this value as a string, it is 16 characters long.).

See also: base64Encode, charToNum, value

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