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Line Graph widget

The line graph widget permits you to create 2D graph with X-Y axis points and lines.


  • graphColors: this is a line separated text with the colors of each line, one per line
  • graphdata: this properties contains the values to show, the format is pure text. Each line is a column of data, so the format is:
1st label, 1st value for 1st series, 1st value for 2nd series, ...
2nd label, 2nd value for 1st series, 2nd value for 2nd series, ...
3rd label, 3rd value for 1st series, 3rd value for 2nd series, ...
  • graphXLines: set to show or not the graph horizontal lines
  • graphYLines: set to show or not the graph vertical lines
  • hilitedCoordinates: If the hilitedCoordinates of the graph widget is not empty, then the widget will highlight the specified point with a dot and dashed horizontal and vertical lines. Point must be of an existing line graph.
  • hilitedCoordinatesColor: The color for drawing the highlighted point
  • markerScale: The default scale factor is 1 which corresponds to an 8x8 point marker. You can increase the number to get bigger points, or set to 0 to eliminate the points.
  • markerStyles: A line-delimited list of the marker styles for each line on the graph. It can be:
    • "filled circle"
    • "filled square"
    • "filled diamond"
    • "circle"
    • "square"
    • "diamond"
    • any icon name from the svg icon library (see IconNames)
  • ShowLines: If true, the graph widget will draw graph lines on the graph. If set to false, only the point will appears.