The LiveCode language is very similar to English, for example for setting a variable "myVar" to 2 you write:

put 2 into myVar

Ok, it's very lengthy; but it works very well and easy to understand.

Setting an object property require another word set:

set the location of graphic myDraw to 20,30

Operation function priority is used as it is in regular human math, so this is correct:

2 + 3 * 5 * cos(3.14) - 1/3

Loops or function declaration don't use parenthesis but newline char and end word, see this example:

repeat 5 times
 answer "test"  
end repeat

attention the next example doesn't work since there aren't newlines:

repeat 5 times   answer "test"  end repeat

An if / then statement can be placed on one line, for instance:

if myVar = 2 then put myVar into field "txtVar" // no end if is required for this 

if / then statements do require more than one line when there is more than one action performed:

if myVar > 2 then
  put myVar into field "txtGreaterVar"
  put empty into field "txtLessVar"
end if

Comments are made with the "#" char, lines starting with # are ignored, you may also use the following characters at the beginning of a commented line:

-- this is a comment

// also a comment

# also a comment

or /* to bracket a block of comments

that span multiple lines  */

# Hello, I'm a comment 
-- another comment
/* a block of comment
h ;jh 'ijh poh
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