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Specifies the kind of transparency an object is drawn with. Syntax

set the ink of object to inkMode


set the ink of graphic "Floating" to blendClear
set the ink of field "Ghost" to blendPlus

The ink of an object is a string designating one of 48 transfer modes.By default, the ink of newly created objects is srcCopy.

Use the ink property to specify how the color of each pixel of an object combines with the color of the pixel underneath it to create the final color shown on the screen.

The srcCopy mode simply puts the object on top of the background; the background does not show through or affect the final color at all.

You can use other transfer modes with the ink property to create special transparent or partially transparent effects, or to invert the colors of an object or the colors underneath the object, or to combine the object's colors with the colors under the object.

There are 48 transfer modes:

Structural Blends (Porter Duff operators):

Porter/Duff operators
  • blendClear
  • blendSrc
  • blendDst
  • blendSrcOver
  • blendDstOver
  • blendSrcIn
  • blendDstIn
  • blendSrcOut
  • blendDstOut
  • blendSrcAtop
  • blendDstAtop
  • blendXor

Image Processing Blends (SVG/PDF operators):

SVG/PDF blend ink modes
  • blendPlus
  • blendMultiply
  • blendScreen
  • blendOverlay
  • blendDarken
  • blendLighten
  • blendDodge
  • blendBurn
  • blendHardLight
  • blendSoftLight
  • blendDifference
  • blendExclusion

Bitwise - These inks have been deprecated from version 5.0

Arithmetc:- These inks have been deprecated from version 5.0

The rendered pixels of an object are combined with the corresponding background pixels using the specified ink before the blendLevel is applied.

Most of the structural blends require that an ancestor of the object be a container with an alpha channel. If this is not the case the behaviour of the blend is undefined. Containers (cards and groups) can be forced to have an alpha channel by setting their ink to something other than srcCopy, or by setting their blendLevel to something other than 0.

The bitwise and arithmetic inks (apart from srcCopy) should be considered as legacy modes and not used in new applications. In general, the behaviour of the structural and image processing blends should be preferred as these naturally work well with alpha-channels.

See also: colorOverlay, innerGlow, innerShadow, blendLevel, dropShadow, outerGlow

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