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Specifies custom headers to be sent with each GET, POST or PUT request to an HTTP server.


set the httpHeaders to <headersList>


set the httpHeaders to field "Headers" & return & field "Special"

Use the httpHeaders property to supply custom headers when interacting with HTTP servers that require them.

Whenever LiveCode contacts a web server to download a page (with the load command or by using a URL in an expression) or to post data (with the post command), the contents of the httpHeaders property is sent to the web server along with the default headers.

The custom header lines specified by the httpHeaders are sent along with a set of default headers. If the headersList includes any header lines that are part of the default headers, the one in the headersList replaces the default header. Any new lines are appended to the end of the headers to be sent to the server.

To replace the default headers instead of adding to them, use the libURLSetCustomHTTPHeaders command instead.

If you have used the libURLSetCustomHTTPHeaders command to set all the headers, the httpHeaders setting is ignored and the headers set by libURLSetCustomHTTPHeaders are used instead.

For technical information about the standard headers recognized in the HTTP 1.1 protocol, see

See also: URLDecode (function), libURLLastRHHeaders (function), libURLSetCustomHTTPHeaders