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Specifies whether a three-D button appears to be pushed in when it is highlighted.Syntax:

set the hiliteBorder of <button> to {true | false}


set the hiliteBorder of last button to true

Use the hiliteBorder property to affect the appearance of a three-D button(keyword) when it is clicked.

If a button's hiliteBorder property is true, the button's highlight action is affected, depending on the style of the button(keyword). For radio buttons and checkboxes, a border is drawn around the entire button(keyword) if its hilite is true. For other button(keyword) styles, the button's effective topColor is used for the bottom and right edges, and the bottomColor is used for the top and left edges (reversing the normal effect), when the button(keyword) is highlighted.

If the lookAndFeel property is "Macintosh", the hiliteBorder property has no effect on button(keyword) styles other than [[radio button|radio buttons]] and checkboxes.

If the button's threeD property is false, the hiliteBorder property has no effect.

See also: button (object),hilite (property),topPattern (property),bottomColor (property),topColor (property),armed (property),bottomPattern (property),lookAndFeel (property),threeD (property),