Specifies whether lines are shown below each text line in a field.Syntax:

set the hGrid [of line <lineNumber>] of <field> to {true | false}


set the hGrid of field 3 to true
set the hGrid of line 5 to 10 of field 1 to false

Use the hGrid property to control the appearance of a field.

If a field's hGrid property is true, a horizontal line is drawn across the field, every textHeight pixels. The line falls below the lowest part of each character, rather than being drawn at the text baseline, as the lines drawn by the showLines property are.

The lines shown by the hGrid and vGrid are drawn in the borderColor (or borderPattern).

If the field's fixedLineHeight property is set to false, the hGrid property has no effect.

Changes: The use of the borderColor to draw grid lines was introduced in version 2.0. In previous versions, the grid lines were drawn in the hiliteColor.

See also: field (object),leftIndent (property),borderWidth (property),vgrid (property),textAlign (property),dontWrap (property),formattedText (property),spaceAbove (property),backgroundColor (property),hiliteColor (property),borderPattern (property),listBehavior (property),listIndent (property),fixedLineHeight (property),hidden (property),textSize (property),firstIndent (property),listStyle (property),spaceBelow (property),tabStops (property),showLines (property),rightIndent (property),listDepth (property),hScrollbar (property),textHeight (property),borderColor (property),formattedWidth (property),

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