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Places the value of an expression in the it variable. It's an alternative of put, put places the value directly in the variable that you like.

Built-in Message handler[]


get expression


get the colors
get 2 * 25 * pi -- gets area of circle with radius 25
get message -- evaluates expression in message box
get URL ""

Use the get command to fetch the value of an expression.

The get command is a shorthand way of writing the following statement:

 put expression into it

When specifying URLs for Android and iOS, you must use the appropriate form that confirms to the RFC standards. Ensure that you urlEncode any username and password fields appropriately for FTP urls. The Android and iOS engines do not support 'libUrl', which would allow characters such as @ in the username.

See Also: set Command, unload Command, libURLSetLogField Command, load Command, libURLSetFTPStopTime Command, post Command, put Command, it Keyword, getProp Control Structure, urlResponse Property