Specifies whether font layout is done using printer fonts or screen fonts.


set the formatForPrinting of <stack> to {true | false}


set the formatForPrinting of stack "Print Template" to true

Use the formatForPrinting property to improve printout appearance on Windows systems.

Windows systems may use different font versions for printing and for screen display, and the spacing of the print version may differ from the spacing of the screen version. This can result in layouts and line breaks differing between the screen display and the printed result. For the best appearance of printed cards in a stack, make sure the stack is closed (and not in memory), then set the stack's formatForPrinting property to true before opening the stack to print it.

Do not edit field text in a stack whose formatForPrinting is true. Doing so can cause display anomalies. Set the formatForPrinting property to false before you make changes to text in fields.

The spacing of printer font versions usually results in a difficult-to-read display when these fonts are used for screen viewing. To avoid display problems, set the formatForPrinting property to true only when printing. To let the user preview the appearance of the printed output, set the formatForPrinting property to true before opening the stack.

Fonts inherited from another stack are not updated when you set the formatForPrinting of a stack. If the stack will be printed, make sure that either the stack's textFont property is set to a font name (not set to empty), or all fields to be printed have their own font rather than inheriting it.

If the stack's formatForPrinting property is true, the setting of the windowBoundingRect property is ignored when the stack is opened or maximized.

See also: stack (object),field (object),pageHeights (property),textFont (property),windowBoundingRect (property),

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