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Specifies whether the lines in a field are all the same height, or vary in height to fit the text on that line.Syntax:

set the fixedLineHeight of <field> to {true | false}


set the fixedLineHeight of the selectedField to false

Use the fixedLineHeight property to control the appearance of fields with multiple fonts, sizes, or styles.

If a field's fixedLineHeight property is set to true, the height allotted for each line in the field(keyword) is equal to the field's textHeight. This means that if some of the text in the field(keyword) is taller than the field's textHeight, it may be truncated.

If the fixedLineHeight is false, the height of each line depends on the size of the text in that line.

See also: field (object),showLines (property),formattedHeight (property),textSize (property),height (property),linkText (property),hGrid (property),textShift (property),textHeight (property),