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Used as a URL type with such commands as put and get to designate a local file.Syntax:



put the htmlText of field 1 into URL "file:/Drive/Folder/File"
answer URL "file:myPrefs.txt"
put URL "file:C:/abc.def" into savedInfo
put "Test" into word 3 of URL "file:/Hard Drive/Applications/Test"

Use the file keyword to work with text files.

The file scheme indicates a text file which is located on the user's system. The file is specified by either a [[absolute file path|full path]] starting with "/", or a relative path starting from the defaultFolder.

A URL container can be used anywhere another container type is used.

Different operating systems use different characters to mark the end of a line. Mac OS and OS X use a return character (ASCII 13), Unix systems use a linefeed character (ASCII 10), and Windows systems use a return followed by a linefeed. When you use a file URL as a container, LiveCode automatically uses the current system's standard [[end-of-line marker]] and LiveCode's linefeed character.

  • Tip:* To put data into, or get data from, a binary file, use the

binfile keyword instead.

For technical information about URLs and the file URL scheme, see RFC 1630 at

See also: get (command),fileType (property),defaultFolder (property),