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Coordinates a set of radio buttons so that only one button of a family can be highlighted.


set the family of <button> to <number>


set the family of button "Choice #1" to 3

Use the family property to set up a cluster of related buttons.

Setting the family of a button to a number makes the button a member of that family. All the buttons in a card or group whose family property is the same behave as a radio-button cluster: only one button in the family can be highlighted at a time, and highlighting another member of the family unhighlights all the others.

If a button's family property is zero, it is not a member of any family.

If the buttons are part of a group, the group's backgroundBehavior property must be set to true.

This property exists to aid compatibility with imported HyperCard stacks. Unlike the property in HyperTalk, it has no effect on buttons whose style property is not "radioButton".

You can also create a radio-button cluster by putting the buttons in a group and setting the group's radioBehavior property to true.

See also: button (object), hilitedButtonName (property), radioBehavior (property),