Returns true if the specified object exists, false if it does not.

Built-in Function handler Edit




exists(card field 1)
exists(button "OK" of card "Preferences")

Use the exists function to make sure an object exists before you try to perform an action on it, or to determine whether to create an object.

To find out whether any of a certain type of object exist, use the exists function with the number 1. For example:

exists(image 1)

returns true if there are any images on the current card, and false otherwise.

You can also specify a chunk of a container, but in this case the exists function always returns true.

NOTE: To find out whether a file or folder exists, or whether a process is running, use the there is a operator.


  • object: Any object reference.
  • Returns (bool): The exists function returns true or false.

See also: image (object), there is a (operator), there is no (operator), owner (property)

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