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Specifies that any objects created should be added to the background.Syntax:

set the editBackground of <stack> to {true | false}


set the editBackground of this stack to true

Use the editBackground property to edit the first group on the current card, or to find out whether the stack is in [[group-editing mode]].

If the editBackground property is set to true, any newly created objects become part of the group being edited. If the editBackground is false, newly created controls are created as card controls and only appear on the current card.

If the current card has more than one group, the group whose number is lowest is edited when you set the editBackground of the stack to true.

You can use the start editing command to edit a specific group. Setting the editBackground property to false is equivalent to the stop editing command.

By default, the editBackground is set to false. This property is not preserved when the stack is saved, the property will always be false upon opening a stack.

See also: start editing (command),stacks (function),stack (object),control (object),relayerGroupedControls (property),groupIDs (property),