Specifies whether the text in a paragraph or field word-wraps when it reaches the field's right edge.


set the dontWrap [of <line>] of <field> to {true | false}


set the dontWrap of field 1 to true
set the dontWrap of line 1 of field 1 to true

Use the dontWrap property to control whether lines of text in a field wrap or not.

By default, the dontWrap property of newly created fields is set to false.

A single line filed should have dontWrap and AutoTab set to true to avoid visualization problems.

If a field's dontWrap property is false, the text in the field wraps to the next line automatically when it reaches the right edge of the field, so all the text is visible in the field's width.

If the dontWrap is true, lines that are too long to fit in the width of the field disappear off the right edge of the field. (The excess text is still in the field, it just can't be seen.) To edit long lines in a field whose dontWrap is true, set the field's hScrollbar to true to display a horizontal scrollbar.

The dontWrap property is always true for any field with the listBehavior property set to true, setting the dontWrap to false on such a field has no affect.

See also: hScrollbar (property), listDepth (property), borderColor (property), tabstops (property), listBehavior (property), formattedWidth (property), textAlign (property), spaceBelow (property), rightIndent (property), firstIndent (property), formattedText (property), borderWidth (property), hgrid (property), spaceAbove (property), vgrid (property), hidden (property), backgroundColor (property), listBehavior (property), listStyle (property),

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